Dressing style in Delhi

4 Apr

Being born and brought up in a small town like Kathgodam, I have developed a simple yet modern dressing sense. And Mumma-Puppa also didn’t complain about my choice of clothing. But, just a day in Delhi and I was exposed to a new level of dressing style.

Suvreen Guggal arrives in delhiBoth boys and girls dress up to reveal more than cover their body. There’s no sense of modesty in the way they carry themselves. And the girls! Aisa lagta hai jaise padhai kum modeling karne aai hain college mein. They dress in such short skirts and pants! Don’t they ever get embarrassed?

Rooted in culture and tradition, my Mumma-Puppa would not like seeing me or Baby dressed so scantily. I’m not going to change my style just to be accepted in DPSC. After all it’s not the way I dress but the way I think and my friendly nature that made me everyone’s favourite in Kathgodam.

The same funda will work here in Delhi as well.

Friends, what do you think?


Goodbye Kathgodam!

29 Mar

Goodbye Kathgodam!

Suvreen Guggal Dad With results out, I just had three days to spend in Kathgodam after which I had to head to Delhi for my admissions. Tultuli and I planned to go to Nainital with Rinky and Pooja. Permission bhi mila from Puppa. My Puppa is so cute that he gave me his scooter and some cash to enjoy my trip to Nainital as well.



The four of us had lots of fun with our usual roaming around, shopping and chattorgiri. I also saw a group of children in a nearby school and joined them in some action song and dance. They were really sweet. Later, some guy came there and started harassing me. I somehow ran from there, but he followed me and made fun of me. I was so scared. But accha hua after some argument he went his own way and I joined my friends. That incident just got stuck in my head during the rest of the trip. I didn’t tell Tultuli anything coz I know she, Rinky and Pooja would have taught him a nice lesson. I didn’t want to spoil this moment as it would have been my last outing with them. Agle din Dilli jo jaana tha.

Have you ever experienced telepathy? I was missing my Puppa in Nainital and before my mind got diverted to anything else, he was in front of me. Aur Puppa bhi na. He came to Nainital for work and missed his bus back to Kathgodam. So he caught hold of me to get back home on the scooter. I so wanted to go with Tultuli. But Puppa na, just ruined our plans. And when Puppa rides the scooter na, bailgadi bhi Puppa ke scooter se tezz chalti hai. As it is, I was upset about Puppa joining us, and then his slow ride back home. It just put me off to sleep. Anyways, on the way Puppa told me he couldn’t come to Delhi with me due to some urgent work. I was so happy! I’ll get to go to Delhi alone. That will be so much fun!

This permission didn’t come through easily. But I emotionally blackmailed Puppa with his dream to see me study in DPSC and he finally agreed.  Woh ho gaya ki there was a bigger challenge awaiting back home. The entire Guggal family (my uncles, aunties and cousins) were at my house to congratulate me for topping in 12th exams. And it was not just to congratulate but give me advice about going to Delhi. Infact Daadi said I shouldn’t go to Delhi alone. But then it will be the last day for admission in DPSC.

Once that session ended, I started packing for Delhi. I’m feeling so tired and sleepy. While doing my packing, Puppa gifted me a new mobile. He also arranged lots of money for my trip and expenses in Delhi. I love my Puppa. He is duniya ke bestest Puppa. And for all that he did for me, I lied to Mumma and Baby that Puppa rides the scooter very fast and nicely. Later, when I went to sleep, Baby and I started fighting, ainve hi. Hmmm, my last night in Kathgodam my house and my room. The room that I decorated myself and lived in for 19 years! I will miss all of this…Anyways, tomorrow, I have to catch a train to Delhi.

Suvreen Guggal enjoying with friends

Wish me luck friends!

I want to be free

27 Mar

There’s not one moment in my life when Mummy-Papa let me live like I want to. While sleeping on my bed, Mummy wakes me up with her roz ka ratt – Suvreen puttar utth ja, der tak nahin sote hain beta. After brushing my teeth when I go to the dining table for breakfast, Papaji will start – What are you doing today? Just wasting your time during holidays. Sharam aani chahiye. Tumhari umar mein, I used to work as a salesperson before I began college. Do something worthwhile in life. Start packing for Delhi. You have to go there for admissions na… vagera vagera.

Suvreen Guggal - I want my freedom from exams

Can’t even enjoy my vacation in peace. In school, teachers used to shout at us too. Ek toh this education system is so annoying. No matter how much we concentrate, it is difficult to memorize everything. I toh still get good marks, but some of my friends just pass. And to get admission in a good college, we have to score a really high percentage. Upar se the number of students passing from schools is higher than the number of seats in colleges. Life is so unfair for some. So upsetting yaar. I wish I could escape all this struggle. I wish I could live free. I want to do my own thing like getting up when I want to, watching TV and chatting on Facebook endlessly, doing chattorgiri and roaming around Kathgodam with Tultuli anytime we want to. Just want to live a stress free life. I want to be a happy-go lucky person.

Hey why don’t you share with me what would you like to do if you were free?

Ban gayi main TOPPER!

20 Mar

I had not even woken up completely from my sleep and Tultuli came riding on her cycle announcing results will be out today. The scariest news to start the day with. I got so scared. Koi bhi nervous hoga na? 12th Std Board results jo they.

After my panic pangs subsided, I got ready to leave the house and check my results at a cyber-café with Tultuli. But guess what? I bumped into Mamma.She arranged a pooja at home and kept a Maun-vrat. Pulled me to the hall and made me sit for the Pooja. Suvreen runs into Mom
 Somehow, I managed to escape Panditji and the whole mess. On my way out, I ran into Baby, my younger sister. And she began her usual blackmailing session to help me get out of the house. I somehow escaped and ended up confronting Pappa who was discussing about DPSC college with his friends. He tried to involve me in the conversation. But luckily I saw Tultuli come and we rushed to the cyber-café.
Wahan pata chala that the results were going to be declared at 6.00 pm. Somehow, we spent our time till evening and when the time finally arrived, there was a power cut in Khatgodam. Tultuli and I went to our school. Mamma-Pappa also came to see my results. I was so scared, you know. just couldn’t find my name on the result list. I was almost going to break down in tears.
But then Daddy found my name right on top. I got 89% and I was the Topper in my school. So shocking! I didn’t know how to react. But when it finally sunk in, I started dancing with joy. Mera college ka sapna poora hoga! DPSC, here I come!!!
Suvreen celebrates topping HSC

College ke Sapne

16 Mar

Surveen Guggal - Enjoying her stress free vacation in KathgodamThe results are going to be out next week. Ghar mein abhi se itnna stress hain. Papa has started lecturing me about what I have to do next and how to prepare for going to Delhi. Every morning Mummy goes to the gurudwara and prays for my results. Chuttiyon ka bhi dhang se mazaa nahi le sakte hain. After my results, I won’t get to enjoy my time here in Kathgodam.

After results I will go to Dilli. I have to take admission in DPSC college na. I have heard a lot about this college. Also done some research online. Afterall I’ll be spending three years over here. Wahan ke students are ‘cool’. Admission milke I too will become ‘cool’. Well, I am already ‘cool’ in my own way. But it’s going to be so exciting. Naya sheher. Naye log. College campus. I just can’t wait!

College ke liye I’ve done a lot of shopping. Naye kapde, joothe aur mera sling bag. Kuch jhumke, bhi. I like to wear rings, chains and bangles. I’m so excited. Just hope I get admission and the college starts soon. I wish time flies soon!

Suvreen, enjoying with her friends in Kathgodam

Time to take a break

14 Mar

Suvreen, wakes up smiling that the exam stress is over

Exams over, time to take a break

Finally exams are over. I’m so happy.  A break from all those books I’ve been studying for two full months and from mummy-papa’s kitkit. I’m thinking of going to Almora with my best friend Dimpy. We’ll go to do some shopping at Lala bazaar and Jauhari Mohalla. Mummy-papa se permission lena hai. But it’s close by. We can take a bus and reach there in three to four hours. I don’t think Mummy-papa will say no.

Waise bhi I did not get a chance to roam around because of my HSC. So boring to be stuck between school, home and classes for ek poora saal. I had no time to enjoy. Now I have time toh poori planning karni chahiye.
Naini chhoti pe toh nazara is so beautiful. I heard a lot about it. This time we have to go to Nainital. Dimpy and I had planned so many times to go there and cancelled them kyonki hum mein se kisi ek ko permission nahi mili. I just hope there’s no problem this time. And if possible we’ll also go to Masoori. Atleast ek hafte ke liye. Hey, do you have any suggestions, main kya karun holidays mein? Don’t forget to comment and tell me on my blog.

Dimpy has come home. We were planning to go to the near-by Bazaar to eat some gol-gappe. So Bye!

Exam stress

9 Mar

Arre yaar why do we have exams? Every night and day we have to by-heart notes. Next day, fill the answer sheet with all the gyaan in three hours. After that do mahine ka wait for the results. After three years this gyaan will have no value. Will all knowledge of trigonometry, derivatives and indices really help us in a Management job? Ab toh getting MBA degree has become a popular trend. I don’t want to study human body anatomy and become a doctor. Waise I am a little confused about what I want to be in life. Kabhi socha hi nahi about that. For now I need to fulfill mummy-papa’s dream to be a topper in exams. And after that DPSC college mein entry.

Education in India - Study stress before your exams
Hey I need to get back to studying. There are so many guides and notes to finish. College ke notes, classes ke notes, extra notes! And you know what? Daddy has even cut the cable. I can’t watch TV for a break. So jab ho sake I come online. Atleast I can connect with all my friends online and know what they are up to. I just hope ye do hafte jaldi khatam ho jaye. And then I’ll have two months of vacation. Jaane se pehle all the best for your exams too.