Exam stress

9 Mar

Arre yaar why do we have exams? Every night and day we have to by-heart notes. Next day, fill the answer sheet with all the gyaan in three hours. After that do mahine ka wait for the results. After three years this gyaan will have no value. Will all knowledge of trigonometry, derivatives and indices really help us in a Management job? Ab toh getting MBA degree has become a popular trend. I don’t want to study human body anatomy and become a doctor. Waise I am a little confused about what I want to be in life. Kabhi socha hi nahi about that. For now I need to fulfill mummy-papa’s dream to be a topper in exams. And after that DPSC college mein entry.

Education in India - Study stress before your exams
Hey I need to get back to studying. There are so many guides and notes to finish. College ke notes, classes ke notes, extra notes! And you know what? Daddy has even cut the cable. I can’t watch TV for a break. So jab ho sake I come online. Atleast I can connect with all my friends online and know what they are up to. I just hope ye do hafte jaldi khatam ho jaye. And then I’ll have two months of vacation. Jaane se pehle all the best for your exams too.


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