Time to take a break

14 Mar

Suvreen, wakes up smiling that the exam stress is over

Exams over, time to take a break

Finally exams are over. I’m so happy.  A break from all those books I’ve been studying for two full months and from mummy-papa’s kitkit. I’m thinking of going to Almora with my best friend Dimpy. We’ll go to do some shopping at Lala bazaar and Jauhari Mohalla. Mummy-papa se permission lena hai. But it’s close by. We can take a bus and reach there in three to four hours. I don’t think Mummy-papa will say no.

Waise bhi I did not get a chance to roam around because of my HSC. So boring to be stuck between school, home and classes for ek poora saal. I had no time to enjoy. Now I have time toh poori planning karni chahiye.
Naini chhoti pe toh nazara is so beautiful. I heard a lot about it. This time we have to go to Nainital. Dimpy and I had planned so many times to go there and cancelled them kyonki hum mein se kisi ek ko permission nahi mili. I just hope there’s no problem this time. And if possible we’ll also go to Masoori. Atleast ek hafte ke liye. Hey, do you have any suggestions, main kya karun holidays mein? Don’t forget to comment and tell me on my blog.

Dimpy has come home. We were planning to go to the near-by Bazaar to eat some gol-gappe. So Bye!


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