College ke Sapne

16 Mar

Surveen Guggal - Enjoying her stress free vacation in KathgodamThe results are going to be out next week. Ghar mein abhi se itnna stress hain. Papa has started lecturing me about what I have to do next and how to prepare for going to Delhi. Every morning Mummy goes to the gurudwara and prays for my results. Chuttiyon ka bhi dhang se mazaa nahi le sakte hain. After my results, I won’t get to enjoy my time here in Kathgodam.

After results I will go to Dilli. I have to take admission in DPSC college na. I have heard a lot about this college. Also done some research online. Afterall I’ll be spending three years over here. Wahan ke students are ‘cool’. Admission milke I too will become ‘cool’. Well, I am already ‘cool’ in my own way. But it’s going to be so exciting. Naya sheher. Naye log. College campus. I just can’t wait!

College ke liye I’ve done a lot of shopping. Naye kapde, joothe aur mera sling bag. Kuch jhumke, bhi. I like to wear rings, chains and bangles. I’m so excited. Just hope I get admission and the college starts soon. I wish time flies soon!

Suvreen, enjoying with her friends in Kathgodam


One Response to “College ke Sapne”

  1. Aman March 18, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    Wow what agreat freindship you have

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