Ban gayi main TOPPER!

20 Mar

I had not even woken up completely from my sleep and Tultuli came riding on her cycle announcing results will be out today. The scariest news to start the day with. I got so scared. Koi bhi nervous hoga na? 12th Std Board results jo they.

After my panic pangs subsided, I got ready to leave the house and check my results at a cyber-café with Tultuli. But guess what? I bumped into Mamma.She arranged a pooja at home and kept a Maun-vrat. Pulled me to the hall and made me sit for the Pooja. Suvreen runs into Mom
 Somehow, I managed to escape Panditji and the whole mess. On my way out, I ran into Baby, my younger sister. And she began her usual blackmailing session to help me get out of the house. I somehow escaped and ended up confronting Pappa who was discussing about DPSC college with his friends. He tried to involve me in the conversation. But luckily I saw Tultuli come and we rushed to the cyber-café.
Wahan pata chala that the results were going to be declared at 6.00 pm. Somehow, we spent our time till evening and when the time finally arrived, there was a power cut in Khatgodam. Tultuli and I went to our school. Mamma-Pappa also came to see my results. I was so scared, you know. just couldn’t find my name on the result list. I was almost going to break down in tears.
But then Daddy found my name right on top. I got 89% and I was the Topper in my school. So shocking! I didn’t know how to react. But when it finally sunk in, I started dancing with joy. Mera college ka sapna poora hoga! DPSC, here I come!!!
Suvreen celebrates topping HSC

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