I want to be free

27 Mar

There’s not one moment in my life when Mummy-Papa let me live like I want to. While sleeping on my bed, Mummy wakes me up with her roz ka ratt – Suvreen puttar utth ja, der tak nahin sote hain beta. After brushing my teeth when I go to the dining table for breakfast, Papaji will start – What are you doing today? Just wasting your time during holidays. Sharam aani chahiye. Tumhari umar mein, I used to work as a salesperson before I began college. Do something worthwhile in life. Start packing for Delhi. You have to go there for admissions na… vagera vagera.

Suvreen Guggal - I want my freedom from exams

Can’t even enjoy my vacation in peace. In school, teachers used to shout at us too. Ek toh this education system is so annoying. No matter how much we concentrate, it is difficult to memorize everything. I toh still get good marks, but some of my friends just pass. And to get admission in a good college, we have to score a really high percentage. Upar se the number of students passing from schools is higher than the number of seats in colleges. Life is so unfair for some. So upsetting yaar. I wish I could escape all this struggle. I wish I could live free. I want to do my own thing like getting up when I want to, watching TV and chatting on Facebook endlessly, doing chattorgiri and roaming around Kathgodam with Tultuli anytime we want to. Just want to live a stress free life. I want to be a happy-go lucky person.

Hey why don’t you share with me what would you like to do if you were free?


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