Goodbye Kathgodam!

29 Mar

Goodbye Kathgodam!

Suvreen Guggal Dad With results out, I just had three days to spend in Kathgodam after which I had to head to Delhi for my admissions. Tultuli and I planned to go to Nainital with Rinky and Pooja. Permission bhi mila from Puppa. My Puppa is so cute that he gave me his scooter and some cash to enjoy my trip to Nainital as well.



The four of us had lots of fun with our usual roaming around, shopping and chattorgiri. I also saw a group of children in a nearby school and joined them in some action song and dance. They were really sweet. Later, some guy came there and started harassing me. I somehow ran from there, but he followed me and made fun of me. I was so scared. But accha hua after some argument he went his own way and I joined my friends. That incident just got stuck in my head during the rest of the trip. I didn’t tell Tultuli anything coz I know she, Rinky and Pooja would have taught him a nice lesson. I didn’t want to spoil this moment as it would have been my last outing with them. Agle din Dilli jo jaana tha.

Have you ever experienced telepathy? I was missing my Puppa in Nainital and before my mind got diverted to anything else, he was in front of me. Aur Puppa bhi na. He came to Nainital for work and missed his bus back to Kathgodam. So he caught hold of me to get back home on the scooter. I so wanted to go with Tultuli. But Puppa na, just ruined our plans. And when Puppa rides the scooter na, bailgadi bhi Puppa ke scooter se tezz chalti hai. As it is, I was upset about Puppa joining us, and then his slow ride back home. It just put me off to sleep. Anyways, on the way Puppa told me he couldn’t come to Delhi with me due to some urgent work. I was so happy! I’ll get to go to Delhi alone. That will be so much fun!

This permission didn’t come through easily. But I emotionally blackmailed Puppa with his dream to see me study in DPSC and he finally agreed.  Woh ho gaya ki there was a bigger challenge awaiting back home. The entire Guggal family (my uncles, aunties and cousins) were at my house to congratulate me for topping in 12th exams. And it was not just to congratulate but give me advice about going to Delhi. Infact Daadi said I shouldn’t go to Delhi alone. But then it will be the last day for admission in DPSC.

Once that session ended, I started packing for Delhi. I’m feeling so tired and sleepy. While doing my packing, Puppa gifted me a new mobile. He also arranged lots of money for my trip and expenses in Delhi. I love my Puppa. He is duniya ke bestest Puppa. And for all that he did for me, I lied to Mumma and Baby that Puppa rides the scooter very fast and nicely. Later, when I went to sleep, Baby and I started fighting, ainve hi. Hmmm, my last night in Kathgodam my house and my room. The room that I decorated myself and lived in for 19 years! I will miss all of this…Anyways, tomorrow, I have to catch a train to Delhi.

Suvreen Guggal enjoying with friends

Wish me luck friends!


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