Dressing style in Delhi

4 Apr

Being born and brought up in a small town like Kathgodam, I have developed a simple yet modern dressing sense. And Mumma-Puppa also didn’t complain about my choice of clothing. But, just a day in Delhi and I was exposed to a new level of dressing style.

Suvreen Guggal arrives in delhiBoth boys and girls dress up to reveal more than cover their body. There’s no sense of modesty in the way they carry themselves. And the girls! Aisa lagta hai jaise padhai kum modeling karne aai hain college mein. They dress in such short skirts and pants! Don’t they ever get embarrassed?

Rooted in culture and tradition, my Mumma-Puppa would not like seeing me or Baby dressed so scantily. I’m not going to change my style just to be accepted in DPSC. After all it’s not the way I dress but the way I think and my friendly nature that made me everyone’s favourite in Kathgodam.

The same funda will work here in Delhi as well.

Friends, what do you think?


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